Automatic dependency updates for Android projects

Jared tests and integrates any updates on your dependencies for you.

Jared checks for updates so you don't have to.

Any time one of your dependencies gets updated, Jared submits a pull request and you get notified of any breaking changes.

When creating a project based on Android technology, keeping up with dependency updates is essential. Rather than going through the hassle of updating packages yourself, trust Jared and he'll show you what can or can't be updated instantly!

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How does it work?

1. A pull request appears with updates.

For each new dependency version a pull request is created with the updated version in the build.gradle file.

2. Review the changelog.

Check the new features and fixes the version introduces and make sure everything looks good.

3. Tests pass.

Check that the CI server response is OK and that the newest version integrated successfully.

4. Just merge it!

Take the change to the main branch. Your project is updated!.